ECON Courses 2012 - 2013

Course Number sort icon Course Number - Letter Only Course Title Course instructor for Autumn Course instructor for Winter Course instructor for Spring Course instructor for Summer Course Level
1 A Introductory Economics Undergraduate
1 B Introductory Economics B Undergraduate
1 Principles of Economics Morten Clerici-Arias Duggan Leeson Undergraduate
1 V Principles of Economics (online) Taylor
5 Economics in the News Klenow Undergraduate
10 Silicon Valley Meets Wall Street Shanahan Shanahan Shanahan
11 N Understanding the Welfare System MaCurdy Undergraduate
12 Investing: Method and Mindset Weiss Undergraduate
17 N Energy, the Environment, and the Economy Wolak Undergraduate
18 A The Washington Debate about American Competitiveness Khanna Undergraduate
18 B Silicon Valley Leaders' Take on America's Economic Future Khanna Undergraduate
18 C Real World Policy Makers Discuss How the U.S. Can Compete in a Global Economy Khanna Undergraduate
21 N Economic Inequality Undergraduate
24 N Social Choice & Market Design Undergraduate
25 N Public Policy and Personal Finance Undergraduate
26 N Who gets what? The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design
49 Managerial Economics Sugaya
50 Economic Analysis I Tendall Bowmaker Undergraduate
51 Economic Analysis II Moser Santesteban Undergraduate
52 Economic Analysis III Kurlat Tendall Undergraduate
101 Economic Policy Seminar Undergraduate
102 A Introduction to Statistical Methods (Postcalculus) for Social Scientists McKeon McKeon Undergraduate
102 B Applied Econometrics McKeon McKeon Undergraduate
102 C Advanced Topics in Econometrics Best Undergraduate
106 World Food Economy Undergraduate
107 Causal Inference and Program Evaluation Undergraduate
110 History of Financial Crises Koudijs Undergraduate
111 Money and Banking Gould Leeson Undergraduate
112 Financial Markets and Institutions: Recent Developments Undergraduate
113 Economics of Innovation Undergraduate
114 Economy and Economics of Ancient Greece Amemiya Undergraduate
116 American Economic History Wright Undergraduate
118 Development Economics Dupas Undergraduate
119 The Russian Economy Undergraduate
120 Socialist Economies in Transition Undergraduate
121 Social Science Field Research Methods and Applications Wolak Undergraduate
122 Economic Development of Latin America Undergraduate
123 Regulation and Competition in Less Developed Countries Undergraduate
124 Economic Growth, Development, and Challenges of East Asia Undergraduate
125 Economic Development, Microfinance, and Social Networks Chandrasekhar Undergraduate
126 Economics of Health and Medical Care Bhattacharya Dickstein Undergraduate
127 Economics of Health Improvement in Developing Countries Miller Undergraduate
128 Economic Development: A Historical Perspective Greif Undergraduate
132 Economics and Sports Bowmaker Undergraduate
135 Finance for Non-MBAs Vanasco Undergraduate
136 Market Design Undergraduate
137 Decision Modeling and Information McKeon Undergraduate
138 Risk and Insurance Undergraduate
139 D Directed Reading Undergraduate
140 Introduction to Financial Economics Shoven Gould Undergraduate
141 Public Finance and Fiscal Policy Boskin Undergraduate
142 Advanced Seminar in Public Economics Undergraduate
143 Finance and Society (for non-MBAs) Admati Undergraduate
145 Labor Economics Pencavel Undergraduate
146 Economics of Education Hoxby Undergraduate
149 The Modern Firm in Theory and Practice Bloom Undergraduate
150 Economic Policy Analysis Dee Undergraduate
152 The Future of Finance Beder Undergraduate
153 Economics of the Internet Undergraduate
154 Economics of Legal Rules and Institutions Owen Undergraduate
155 Environmental Economics and Policy Goulder Undergraduate
156 Marine Resource Economics and Conservation Undergraduate
157 Imperfect Competition Larsen Undergraduate
158 Regulatory Economics Wolak Undergraduate
159 Economic, Legal, and Political Analysis of Climate-Change Policy Undergraduate
160 Game Theory and Economic Applications Shelef Undergraduate
161 The Finance of Retirement and Pensions Undergraduate
164 Law, Economics and Politics of International Trade Undergraduate
165 International Finance Boyer Undergraduate
166 International Trade Manova Undergraduate
167 European Monetary and Economic Integration Undergraduate
168 International Finance and Exchange Rates Undergraduate
178 Behavioral Economics Undergraduate
179 Experimental Economics Undergraduate
180 Honors Game Theory Carroll Undergraduate
181 Honors Information and Incentives
182 Honors Market Design Kojima Undergraduate
183 The Cardinal Fund Berk Berk Berk Undergraduate
190 Introduction to Financial Accounting Stanton Stanton
191 Introduction to Cost Accounting Stanton
198 Junior Honors Seminar Clerici-Arias Undergraduate
199 D Honors Thesis Research Undergraduate
202 Core Economics: Modules 1 and 2 Segal Graduate
202 N Core Economics For Non-Economics Ph.D. Students Maliar Graduate
203 Core Economics: Modules 5 and 6 Kojima Graduate
203 N Core Economics For Non-Economics Ph.D. Students Maliar Graduate
204 Core Economics - Modules 9 and 10 Jackson Graduate
210 Core Economics: Modules 3 and 7 Kurlat Graduate
211 Core Economics: Modules 11 and 12 Graduate
212 Core Economics: Modules 4 and 8 Graduate
214 Development Economics I Graduate
215 Development Economics II Dupas Graduate
216 Development Economics III Chandrasekhar Graduate
217 Topics in International Macroeconomics: Theory and Evidence for Latin America: Graduate
220 Political Economy I Graduate
221 Political Economy II Graduate
224 Science, Technology, and Economic Growth Graduate
225 Economics of Technology and Innovation Moser Graduate
226 U.S. Economic History Graduate
227 European Economic History Abramitzky Graduate
228 Institutions and Organizations in Historical Perspective Greif Graduate
229 Topics in Economic History Graduate
233 Advanced Macroeconomics I Klenow Graduate
234 Advanced Macroeconomics II Hall Graduate
235 Advanced Macroeconomics III Graduate
236 Financial Economics I Graduate
237 Financial Economics II Graduate
239 D Directed Reading Graduate
241 Public Finance and Taxation I Hoxby Graduate
242 Public Finance and Taxation II Persson Graduate
246 Labor Economics I Pistaferri Graduate
247 Labor Economics II Bloom Graduate
248 Labor Economics III Graduate
249 Topics in Health Economics Graduate
250 Environmental Economics Goulder Graduate
251 Natural Resource and Energy Economics Graduate
253 Energy Markets: Theory and Evidence from Latin America
257 Industrial Organization I Graduate
258 Industrial Organization IIA Graduate
259 Industrial Organization II B Graduate
260 Industrial Organization III Graduate
265 International Economics I Graduate
266 International Economics II Donaldson Graduate
267 Topics in International Trade Manova Graduate
268 International Finance and Exchange Rates Graduate
269 International Financial Markets and Monetary Institutions Graduate
270 Intermediate Econometrics I Hong Graduate
271 Intermediate Econometrics II Wolak Graduate
272 Intermediate Econometrics III MaCurdy Graduate
273 Advanced Econometrics I Hong Graduate
274 Advanced Econometrics II Romano Graduate
275 Time Series Graduate
276 Limited Dependent Variables Graduate
277 Behavioral and Experimental Economics III Graduate
278 Behavioral and Experimental Economics I Graduate
279 Behavioral and Experimental Economics II Graduate
281 Normative Decision Theory and Social Choice Graduate
282 Contracts, Information, and Incentives Segal Graduate
283 Theory and Practice of Auction Market Design
285 Auctions, Bargaining, and Pricing Graduate
286 Game Theory and Economic Application Carroll Graduate
287 General Equilibrium Theory Graduate
288 Computational Economics Maliar Graduate
289 Advanced Topics in Game Theory and Information Economics Kojima
290 Multiperson Decision Theory Graduate
291 Social and Economic Networks Jackson Graduate
299 Practical Training Graduate
300 Third-Year Seminar Graduate
354 Workshop in Law and Economics Graduate
400 Fourth Year Seminar Graduate