Through Stanford's outstanding graduate program, students acquire the background and skills necessary for careers as research economists, university teachers and as practitioners of economics.

The curriculum includes a comprehensive treatment of modern theory and empirical techniques. Students are exposed to a broad range of applied fields, and elect specialization in two fields of particular interest. The typical student can expect to spend two full years completing the required course work. The remaining time in the program is usually spent engaging in dissertation research and participating in seminars.



April 10, 2015 Application deadline for Spring Quarter degree conferral
June 3, 2015, noon
Ph.D. dissertation, last day to submit for Spr. qtr degree conferral
June 14, 2015
June 5, 2015 - New Date!
Micro Comp Exam and Econ204 Final Exam
June 16, 2015  Macro Comp Exam and Econ 212 Final Exam
June 8, 2015 - New Date! Metrics Comp Exam and Econ272 Final Exam
Sept.1 2015 Micro Comp Retake
Sept. 3 2015

Macro Comp Retake

Sept. 7 2015 Econometrics Comp Retake