Job Market Candidate Resources

Placement Officers: Nick Bloom, 650-725-7836,; Muriel Niederle, 650-723-7359,

Placement Assistant: Susie Gilbert 650-725-6198

Student Placement

The faculty and staff of the Department offer extensive support to assure the appropriate placement of its graduate students as they near completion of their dissertations. All students give practice "job market talks" before formally seeking employment. These are generally attended and discussed by several faculty members. When a student is ready for the market, Department members aid placement by distributing resume packets to various potential employers, preparing and sending letters of recommendation in response to requests, directly contacting colleagues at other institutions, offering counsel, maintaining a file of job opportunities, scheduling on-campus interviews, and providing a hotel suite at the American Economic Association Job Market Convention as a central contact point and relaxation center. These activities are coordinated by a faculty member, who serves as Placement Officer. Also, each student typically receives extensive help from his or her primary advisor.

Stanford has an excellent record of placing its students at top universities. In recent years our new Ph.D.s have accepted positions as Assistant Professors at Harvard, MIT, Chicago, Princeton, Yale, the University of Michigan, Penn, Columbia, the University of California at Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Northwestern University, Dartmouth, Rochester, and Wellesley, among others. Students who prefer non academic employment often accept research positions at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the World Bank, and other governmental and private agencies.

The Placement Calendar

Spring-Summer Work on job market paper.  Get as much practice as possible presenting your work.
September Confirm three letter writers.  Placement meeting to discuss timeline, CV, web page, talks.


CV and website information due in early October.
Susie Gilbert updates candidate information on the department website.


Faculty job placement meeting, first week of November.
Mail job market packets, second or third week of November.


Arrange interviews for AEA Meetings, starting post-Thanksgiving.  Mock interviews with faculty.


ASSA Meetings.


Flyouts and job offers.


Process closes.


Ph.D. Job Placement Guide

C V Template

Creating a personal website:


Job Market Advice