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Journal Article
The Diffusion of Microfinance, Banerjee, Abhijit, Chandrasekhar Arun, Duflo Esther, and Jackson Matthew , Science, 07/2013, Volume 341, Issue 6144, (2013)
Financial Networks and Contagion, Elliott, Matthew, Golub Benjamin, and Jackson Matthew O. , American Economic Review, 10/2014, Volume 104, Issue 10, p.3115-3153, (2014)
History, Expectations, and Leadership in the Evolution of Social Norms, Acemoglu, Daron, and Jackson Matthew O. , Review of Economic Studies, 04/2014, Volume 82, Issue 2, (2015)
How Homophily Affects the Speed of Learning and Best-Response Dynamics, Golub, Benjamin, and Jackson Matthew O. , Quarterly Journal of Economics, 08/2012, Volume 127, Issue 3, p.1287-1338, (2012)
Present Bias and Collective Dynamic Choice in the Lab, Jackson, Matthew O., and Yariv Leeat , American Economic Review, 12/2014, Volume 104, Issue 12, p.4184-4204, (2014)
Social Capital and Social Quilts: Network Patterns of Favor Exchange, Jackson, Matthew O., Rodriguez-Barraquer Tomas, and Tan Xu , American Economic Review, 08/2012, Volume 102, Issue 5, p.1857-1897, (2012)