Honors Theses 2012

Alex Chen

Conditional Stochastic Disasters and the Equity Premium Puzzle

May, 2012
Natalie Cox

The War on Whooping Cough: The Impact of Prevalence Elasticity and State Policies on Vaccination Behavior

Matei Daian


The Veil of Communism: An Analysis of Lifespan, GDP per Capita,

Human Capital, and Agricultural Productivity in Eastern Europe

May, 2012
Colin Gray

Responding to the Monetary Superpower

Investigating the Behavioral Spillovers of U.S. Monetary Policy

May, 2012

Lee Jackson

An Analysis of the Appreciation of the Chinese Renminbi Through the Lens of the the Nixon Shock, the Plaza Accord, and the Japanese Yen

May, 2012
Dania Kechrid Management Practices and Productivity: the Case of Saudi Arabia May, 2012

Ishan Nath

Does Carbon Pricing Improve Clean Tech Profitability? A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Australia

May, 2012
Andrew Nelson The Efficacy of Booster Seat Laws in Reducing Injury and Mortality
Estimating the Effects on Children and Testing for Compensating Behavior
May, 2012

Keshav Rao

Evaluating the Federal Food Assistance Safety Net:

Do low-income individuals experience larger decreases in nutrient intakes during economic downturns than their wealthier counterparts?

May, 2012

Mitchel Scott

The Build America Bonds Program: Savings Opportunities and Efficiency Improvements from Subsidizing Taxable Municipal Debt

May, 2012
Stephanie Yuechen Zhong

The Effects of Relative Age on Early Childhood Academic Achievement:

How They Differ Between Gender and Change Across Time

May, 2012