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Oct 10 2019 | Posted In: Awards, Books & Publications, Faculty
John Pencavel has been awarded the 2018 Richard A. Lester Book Award for Diminishing Returns at Work: The Consequence of Long Working Hours, the outstanding book in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics published in 2018.
Sep 30 2019 | Posted In: Awards, Books & Publications, Faculty
At the September 13-15 meetings of the Economics History Association in Atlanta, Georgia, Ran Abramitzky received the Gyorgi Ranki Prize for The Mystery of the Kibbutz: Egalitarian Principles in the Capitalist World. The prize is awarded every other year for an outstanding book on European...
Jul 2 2019 | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
B. Douglas Bernheim has been selected to give the Oskar Morgenstern Lecture at the 6th World Congress of the Game Theory Society in Budapest. According to the GTS website, "The Oskar Morgenstern Lecture honors an individual who has made important contributions in game theory with signigficant...
Jun 4 2019 | New York Times | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
Petra Persson and Maya Rossin-Slater found positive change to new mothers' postpartum health after Sweden's 2012 law that gives fathers paid leave also in the year after a birth went into effect.
May 24 2019 | SIEPR | Posted In: Faculty
John Shoven, known for encouraging Americans to postpone their collection of Social Security benefits for as long as possible, is retiring after almost five decades of service at Stanford.