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Jun 1 2018 | Posted In: Faculty
In Diminishing Returns at Work: The Consequences of Long Working Hour, John Pencavel provides an overview of how the length of working hours evolved from the 19th century to today and how the number of working hours affect work performance and other outcomes, including health, well-being and wages.
Feb 20 2018 | Posted In: Faculty
Tim Breshanan, along with Ariel Pakes and Rob Porter, has won the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award.  This award was given to them in recognition for opening up the field of empirical industrial organization. 
Jan 18 2018 | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
The Economics Department congratulates Paul Milgrom and David Kreps and Robert Wilson from the Graduate School of Business on receiving the prestigious John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science.  The National Academy of Sciences presents this award every two years in  recognition of...
Nov 20 2017 | Posted In: Faculty
The Economics Department is proud to congratulate  Muriel Niederle as a 2017 Fellow of the Econometric Society.
Nov 6 2017 | Posted In: Faculty
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group-Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Prize will be awarded to Paul Milgrom  in February 2018.  The prize recognizes originality and innovation in the use of mathematical, statistical or computational methods for the study of the behavior of markets, and...