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Jul 25 2016 | New York Times | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
This New York Times editorial delves into two big health insurance mergers, and draws data from a study by SIEPR Director Mark Duggan. That study found that consolidation in the health insurance industry was responsible for an increase in premiums.
Jul 22 2016 | New York Times | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
Republicans and Democrats aren’t just polarized on policy. To an unprecedented degree, they also speak different languages. That is the conclusion of three economists who used computers to parse 136 years of transcripts of congressional speeches. They identified phrases used disproportionately by...
Jul 19 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
Here’s a test for measuring partisanship in American politics today: Turn on C-SPAN and – without looking at the name of the lawmaker on screen – see how long it takes to tell whether the member of Congress is a Republican or a Democrat.
May 23 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Appointments, Faculty
Jonathan Levin, the Holbrook Working Professor in Price Theory  in the Department of Economics and a former chair of the department, will be the next dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, President John Hennessy and Provost John Etchemendy announced today. His appointment is effective...
May 19 2016 | Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research | Posted In: Faculty
We've known for a long time how to save people from malaria and how to prevent malaria," says Pascaline Dupas, Associate Professor of Economics. "But, the last-mile problem of how to get this technology – that we know works and is cheap – inside the homes of those who need it is a big one." Dupas'...