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Aug 23 2016 | Wall Street Journal | Posted In: Faculty
Firms that set goals and hold workers accountable “clearly outperform,” said Nicholas Bloom, an economist at Stanford University and co-author of a recent paper that used Census data to examine more than 32,000 U.S. manufacturing plants. He said they have faster growth, higher profitability and are...
Aug 22 2016 | Priceonomics | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
On Tuesday, the United States government kicked off the latest round in what might go down as the largest and most complex auction in human history.  If you’ve never heard of this historic bidding war, that might be because the property that is now on the auction block, the national radio spectrum...
Jul 25 2016 | New York Times | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
This New York Times editorial delves into two big health insurance mergers, and draws data from a study by SIEPR Director Mark Duggan. That study found that consolidation in the health insurance industry was responsible for an increase in premiums.
Jul 22 2016 | New York Times | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
Republicans and Democrats aren’t just polarized on policy. To an unprecedented degree, they also speak different languages. That is the conclusion of three economists who used computers to parse 136 years of transcripts of congressional speeches. They identified phrases used disproportionately by...
Jul 19 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, In the Press
Here’s a test for measuring partisanship in American politics today: Turn on C-SPAN and – without looking at the name of the lawmaker on screen – see how long it takes to tell whether the member of Congress is a Republican or a Democrat.