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Sep 10 2015 | The New York Times | Posted In: In the Press
Stanford has lured an all-star lineup of economists to Palo Alto in the last few years —
Sep 1 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: In Memoriam
Nathan Rosenberg, the Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor of Public Policy, Emeritus, in Stanford's Department of Economics, died Aug. 24 at the Vi at Palo Alto, at the age of 87.
Jul 17 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: In Memoriam
Stanford Emeritus Professor Masahiko Aoki passed away on July 15.
Jul 2 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Awards, Students
Graduating senior Jeremy Majerovitz was awarded the 2015 Firestone medal, and Kennedy Thesis Prize.  Jeremy won the awards based on his senior thesis "Does Ethnic Fractionalization Matter for Development?".  He was advised by Pascaline Dupas, associate professor of economics.
Jun 30 2015 | Stanford Teaching Commons | Posted In: Students
Econ graduate students Blake Barton, Jeff Naecker, Igor Popov, and Ian Wright were selected as recipients of the Centenniel Teaching Assistant Award.  The Centennial Teaching Assistant Awards consist of $500 prizes and certificates presented in a June awards ceremony, presided over by the Deans of...