Empirical Implementation of Theoretical Models of Strategic Interaction and Dynamic Behavior

Wed, Jul 13 2022, 9:00am - Fri, Jul 15 2022, 4:30pm PDT
Lucas Conference Center, Room A
Landau Economics Building
579 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford

Papers will be taken from the fields of empirical Industrial Organization (IO), Labor Economics, Energy and Environmental Economics, Public Economics, and Health Economics.  The unifying theme of the papers is a theoretical model of an economic interaction and an empirical implementation of this theoretical model using actual data.  Popular topics historically are dynamic models of single agent (individual or firm) behavior, static models of economic environments where agents make strategic use of private information, and models of the adoption of new technologies.  As in previous years, there were also papers featuring a model of an auction market equilibrium and discrete choice models of differentiated product demand.  A major goal of the session is to stimulate cross-field interaction between empirical researchers in all fields of microeconomics employing theory-based modeling methods.

Organized by
Matthew Shum, California Institute of Technology
Frank Wolak, Stanford University

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