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Admissions FAQ

Can I apply to receive a Master's degree in Economics?

No, we do not offer a terminal MA degree in Economics. You can only apply to the PhD program and then add the MA as an additional degree once in the program.

Can I tour the department or meet with faculty prior to admission?

No, due to the volume of applicants to our program, we do not schedule tours, interviews or meetings with prospective applicants.  There will be a scheduled flyout visit day for students once they have been admitted to our program.

I have taken the GRE more than once. Which score will be considered for my application?

We will consider your highest score on each section of the exam as long as the exam was taken no more than five years prior to our application deadline.

Will you accept GMAT scores instead of GRE for my application?

No, we only accept the GRE. There are no subsitutions.

I am an international student, but I am currently in a MA program in the U.S. Do I need to submit a TOEFL score?

The TOEFL score requirement may be waived for international students who have received a Bachelors or Masters degree at an institution where all instruction was given in English.  Applicants need to submit a TOEFL waiver request form, available from the university graduate admissions website:

Do you have a minimum GRE score?

Most of our successful applicants score in the 94th percentile or above on the quantitative section of the GRE, and at least a 4.5 on the analytical section. If you do not score in at least the 92nd percentile on the quantitative section and a 3.5 on the analytical section, we recommend that you re-take the exam and try to improve your score. In the admission process, the verbal section of the test is not as heavily weighted.

Is there a department code for ETS to use in order to send my test scores?

No, there are no individual department codes, only the Stanford University score recipient code which is 4704.  If you are applying to both the Economics department and the GSB, you only need to have one score sent to Stanford.  Both Econ and GSB will be able to access your scores.

Can letters of recommendation and official transcripts arrive after the deadline?

Yes, as long as your application and unofficial transcripts (uploaded) are submitted by the application deadline, letters of recommendation and official transcripts can be sent at a later time (but no later than the first week in January).

I submitted my application with uploaded transcripts and asked ETS to send my test scores.  Why does my application status still say "incomplete"?

Your application status remains incomplete until we receive official hard copy transcripts (or official transcripts from a service such as Interfolio).  Your application will still be reviewed even if the status is incomplete, but official transcripts must be received and verified before you can be admitted.  We will also review your file with unofficial "self-reported" test scores, but official scores must be received and verifed from ETS before you can be admitted.  Note that updating application status is a manual process that can take some time.  We received 700-800 applications and it is time consuming to go through all of the mailed transcripts and update files.  Test scores can only be matched once an application is submitted.  If you requested that ETS send your scores prior to submission of your application, it can take up to a week for scores to be matched after you submit.  If there is any discrepancy with the name used for your exams and the name on your application, then scores might not be matched correctly.  Please notify the department if you did not use the exact same name for ETS score reporting and your application.  Please do not contact the department to check the status of your application.  Your application will be updated as soon as possible, and if you are missing any required documents, you will be contacted directly.