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Lecturers and Visitors

Marcelo Clerici-Arias

Office: 146 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Spring Quarter '18: Wednesday 9:30am - 11:30am and by email appointment
Phone: (650) 724-1364
Teaching 2019-20 academic year: Winter: Econ 178 Spring: Econ 1 Econ 198; Econ 199 throughout the year. *Directs the Honors Program in Economics and Public Policy.

Alexander Gould

Office: 145 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Appointment by email
Phone: 650-725-5847
Teaching Summer Quarter 2019: Econ 140 " Intro to Financial Economics"

Atsushi Iwasaki

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor, University of Electro-Communications
Office: 247 Landau Economics

Christopher Makler

Office: 144 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Spring Quarter '18: Econ 50: Monday 2-3:00pm and Wednesday 3-4:00pm ; Econ 51: Monday 3-4:00pm and Wednesday 2-3:00pm
Teaching 2019-20 Academic Year: Autumn: Econ 50; Winter: Econ 50 & 51; Spring: Econ 50 & 51; Coordinator of SEASS " Stanford Economics Alumni Speaker Series".

Scott McKeon

Office: 150 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Spring '18: Wednesday 5:30pm - 7:30pm or by appointment
Phone: (650) 724-8765
Teaching 2019-20 Academic Year: Autumn: Econ 102A, Econ 137; Winter: Econ 102A, Econ 102B; Spring: Econ 102B.

Yusuke Narita

Visiting Assistant Professor
Yale University, Department of Economics
Office: 349 Landau Economics

Kirby Nielsen

PostDoctoral Research Fellow
Ph.D. Ohio State University 2018
Office: 337 Landau Economics

Collin Raymond

Visiting Assistant Professor
Purdue University
Krannert School of Management
Office: 345 Landau Economics

Assaf Romm

Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 345 Landau Economics

Tom Schmitz

Visiting Scholar
Assistant Professor
Bocconi University
Office: 249-Landau Economics

Colin Sullivan

PostDoctoral Research Fellow
Ph.D. The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvannia, 2019
Office: 337 Landau Economics

Mark L. Tendall

Office: 147 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Appointment by email
Phone: (650) 725-8763
Teaching 2019-20 Academic Year: Winter: Econ 165; Spring: Econ 52. I teach a broad range of undergraduate courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory and their policy applications. I also coordinate instruction by faculty and teaching assistants in our introductory economics course (Econ 1), and I direct our on-campus Summer Research Assistant program for undergraduate economics and public policy majors.

Ramin Toloui

Office: SIEPR
Teaching academic year 2019-20: Autumn - Econ 101; Winter: Econ 14, Spring - Econ 101