Pascaline Dupas

Director of Stanford King Center on Global Development
Kleinheinz Family Professor in International Studies
Academic Council Faculty
Pascaline Dupas

Pascaline Dupas is a development economist seeking to better understand challenges facing poor households in lower income countries. Her aim is to identify tools and policies that can help overcome these challenges and reduce global poverty.

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Economists have developed an emerging body of evidence that holds important lessons for overcoming COVID-19 information constraints, combating misinformation, and building trust in health systems. These insights may also help to improve delivery and increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccines.
A new working paper, Gender and the Dynamics of Economics Seminars find that women economists are treated differently than men when presenting their research at seminars. 
Pascaline Dupas is awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. 168 mid-career scholars, artists, and writers are awarded the 2019 Guggenheim Followships. There were almost 3,000 applicants in the competition.


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