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Publication Yearsort ascending Authors Title Publisher
2017 Florian Scheuer , Ivan Werning The Taxation of Superstars Quarterly Journal of Economics 132(1): 211-270
2017 Robert E. Hall High Discounts and High Unemployment American Economic Review Vol. 107 No. 2 (pp. 305-30)
2017 Matthew Gentzkow, Emir Kamenica Competition in Persuasion Review of Economic Studies. 84 (1). January 2017.
2016 Adrien Auclert, Matthew Rognlie Unique equilibrium in the Eaton–Gersovitz model of sovereign debt Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 84, December 2016, Pages 134–146
2016 Amy Finkelstein , Matthew Gentzkow, Heidi Williams Sources of Geographic Variation in Health Care: Evidence From Patient Migration The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 131, Issue 4
2016 Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis Measuring Economic Policy Uncertainty The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 131, Issue 4
2016 Nicola Lacetera, Bradley J. Larsen , Devin Pope, Justin Sydnor Bid Takers or Market Makers: The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcomes American Economic Journal: Microeconomics , 2016, 8(2) 195-229
2016 Gabriel Carroll, Delong Meng Robust Contracting with Additive Noise Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 166, November 2016, Pages 586–604
2016 Gabriel Carroll Informationally robust trade and limits to contagion Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 166, Issue C, Pages 334–361
2016 John William Hatfield, Fuhito Kojima, Yusuke Narita Improving schools through school choice: A market design approach Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 166, issue C, pages 186-211
2016 Nick Arnosti, Marissa Beck, Paul Milgrom Adverse Selection and Auction Design for Internet Display Advertising American Economic Review, Vol. 106, No. 10 (October 2016)
2016 Dave Donaldson, Adam Storeygard The View from Above: Applications of Satellite Data in Economics Journal of Economic Perspective, Volume 30, Number 4, Pages 171–198
2016 Liran Einav, Chiara Farronato , Jonathan Levin Peer-to-Peer Markets Annual Review of Economics, 8, September 2016, 615-635
2016 Charles I. Jones, Peter J. Klenow Beyond GDP? Welfare across Countries and Time American Economic Review Vol. 106, No. 9, September 2016
2016 V. V. Chari, Patrick J. Kehoe Bailouts, Time Inconsistency, and Optimal Regulation: A Macroeconomic View American Economic Review, Vol. 106, No. 9, September 2016
2016 Jonathan Levin, Andrzej Skrzypacz Properties of the Combinatorial Clock Auction American Economic Review, Vol. 106, No. 9, September 2016
2016 Florian Scheuer, Alexander Wolitzky Capital Taxation under Political Constraints American Economic Review, Vol 106, No 8 ( Aug 2016)
2016 Pascaline Dupas, Vivian Hoffmann, Michael Kremer, Alix Peterson Zwane Targeting health subsidies through a nonprice mechanism: A randomized controlled trial in Kenya Science, Vol. 353(6302), pp. 889-895
2016 Vivi Alatas , Abhijit Banerjee, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Rema Hanna, Benjamin A. Olken Network Structure and the Aggregation of Information: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia American Economic Review, Vol. 106, No. 7, July 2016
2016 David Autor, Mark Duggan, Kyle Greenberg, David Lyle The Impact of Disability Benefits on Labor Supply: Evidence for the VA's Disability Compensation Program American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8:3 (2016), 31-68



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