Student Placement

Name Fields of Study Placement
Leon Zhang Industrial Organization, Econometrics REMI
Jonathan Zhang Public Finance, Health Economics Princeton Post-Doc, then McMaste
Name Fields of Study Placement
Alessandra Peter Macroeconomics, Finance, Development New York University
Jaime Arellano-Bover Economic History, Labor Economics, Public Economics Postdoc - Yale Department of Economics
Jose Maria Barrero Macroeconomics, Finance ITAM Business School
Travis Baseler Development Economics, Applied Economics University of Rochester
Daniel Bennett Public Economics, Labor Economics Analysis Group
Katy Bergstrom Development Economics, Public Economics World Bank
Yiwei Chen Health Economics, Public Economics, Industrial Organization Quantco
Yuxin (Joy) Chen Economic History, Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Jin Chen Energy and Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Finance Cornerstone Research
Thomas Ginn Development, Applied Economics Center for Global Development
Robin Gong Labor Economics, International Trade Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Audrey Guo Public Economics, Labor Economics, Health Economics Santa Clara University
Charles Hodgson Industrial Organization, Applied Economics Yale University
Jong Hyun Chung International Trade, Macroeconmics Auburn University
Benjamin Klopack Industrial Organization, Urban Economics, Public Economics Texas A&M University
Qian (Sindy) Li Development, Labor IDinsight
Sitian Liu Public Economics, Labor Economics, Family Economics Queen's University
Brian Lucking Labor Economics, Public Economics, Economics of Innovation Charles River Associates
Delong Meng Microeconomic Theory (Primary), Behavioral Economics, Political Economy
Shunya Noda Market Design, Microeconomic Theory University of British Columbia
Fanqi Shi Microeconomic Theory, Market and Mechanism Design 2 Peking University School of Economics
Name Fields of Study Placement
Chris Bruegge Energy and Environmental Economic, Industrial Organization, Public Finance Cornerstone Research
Isaias Chaves Villamizar Market Design and Microeconomic Theory, Political Economy, Information Economics Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
Emanuele Colonnelli Finance and Development Chicago Booth
Adem Dugalic Finance, Microeconomic Theory Cornerstone Research
Ian Hoffman Public Economics, Household Finance Cornerstone Research
Eran Hoffmann Macroeconomics, Finance, Labor Hebrew University
Shota Ichihashi Microeconomic Theory, Economics of the Internet Bank of Canada