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Honors Theses

Format: 2020
Author Thesis Title Date
Crisóstomo Wainstock, Daniel Measuring political connections in Brazil June 2019
Hu, Josephina Behind the Drop in Initial Public Offerings in the United States June 2019
Arulmani, Sruti Prescription Drug Expenditures, New Drug Launches, and Disease-specific Mortality May 2019
Chi, Greg The Frontier and Spirit Effect: Analyzing the Effects of the Entry of Ultra-Low Cost Carriers on the Airfares of Incumbent Airlines in the United States May 2019
Ganesan, Maya The Impacts of Superfund Site Cleanup on Infant Health May 2019
Hoong, Ruru (Juan Ru) The Behavioral Economics of Social Media: A Study of Self Commitment Devices and the Facebook Privacy Paradox May 2019
Horsley, John Barr Cleanliness: The Impact of Moral Foundations Theory’s Sanctity/Degradation on Decision Making May 2019
Jain, Mansi How do wildfires affect recreation patterns? May 2019
Lallas, Jackson Equipment Investment and Economic Growth in the 21st Century May 2019
Martin, Olivia Hope Understanding the Geography of Housing Instability: Eviction and Affordable Housing Development May 2019
Mulaney, Annika Female Political Representation and Labor Force Participation in India May 2019
Patton, Henry Getting into the Weeds: Competition and Cheating in the Washington State Marijuana Market May 2019
Pienkny, Max Bennett Confronting Suicide: Clustering, County-Level Correlates, and Media Effects in the United States May 2019
Pu, Victoria A Bayesian Model of Attention Allocation: Applications in Gaokao School-Choice Reform May 2019
Selden, Genevieve Market Timing: A Myth or a Possibility? Individual Investor and Mutual Fund Performance in the Stock Market May 2019
Sridhar, Kiran Hacking for Good: Leveraging HackerOne Data to Develop an Economic Model of Bug Bounties May 2019
Tejeda, Manuel David Market Concentration, Earnings and Turnover: No-Poaching Clauses in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry May 2019
Tesfai, Aron Automation in the Transportation Manufacturing Industry: How the Emergence of High-Tech Manufacturing Plants Affects its Labor Market May 2019
Yeung, Vicky Can You, and Should You, Buy an Innovation Hub? May 2019
Author Thesis Title Date
de Leon, Angel Antonio Rural Bank Expansion, Human Capital Development, and Intra-household Bias in India June 2018