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Honors Theses

Format: 2018
Author Thesis Title Date
Huard, Sophia Online Gambling Legalization in the United States: From the Perspectives of Land-Based Casinos and State Governments December 2017
Sanz, Gerardo The Effect of Rental Assistance on Household Spending Behavior June 2017
You, Calum Environmental Justice and Climate Policy: Is California's Cap and Trade Failing Disadvantaged Communities? June 2017
Coolbaugh, Jack Voting Determinants of Brexit: How Trade and Immigration Affected the Vote Share for Brexit across the UK May 2017
Fischer, Julieta The Impact of Short Interest on the Performance of Tech Initial Public Offerings in the U.S. May 2017
Gehami, Albert A Quantitative Study of 21st Century Performance of Foster Care in the United States: Competing risks analysis for exiting Foster Care and a model for interstate-adoption May 2017
Granato, Andrew State Commercial Bank Pay Structure and Industry Metrics in Response to Bank Branching Deregulation May 2017
Kurland, Samuel Effects of Transfer Income on Migration and Rural Unemployment: Evidence from the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend May 2017
Marchetti-Bowick, Elena Does Welfare Reduce Mortality? Evidence from the Supplemental Security Income Program May 2017
Mayer-Hirshfeld, Ruben Better donors: a non-monetary incentives mechanism to increase kidney market participation May 2017
Puri, Indira On the probability of receiving a top choice match May 2017
Sánchez-Ordóñez, Daniel Ernesto International Monetary Policy Spillover in Colombia: An SVAR Analysis May 2017
Sandino, Rosemarie Military Expenditure and Growth in Conflict: An Instrumental Approach May 2017
Scholz, Elizabeth Tax Responsiveness of the Rich: Revisiting Evidence from Executive Compensation May 2017
Tawakol, Ameena Women and Work in Egypt: The E ect of the Election of the Muslim Brotherhood on Female Labor Force Participation May 2017
Yeow, Victoria Pei-Zhuang Post-M&A Performance in Mobile App Developing Startups May 2017
Vera, Anton The Impact of the Philippine ISP Duopoly on Mobile Broadband Adoption March 2017
Author Thesis Title Date
Cisse, Abdoulaye Income Shocks, Child Fostering and Education in Senegal May 2016
Dannenmaier, Kay The Role of Liquidity and Substitution Effects of Unemployment Insurance in the Great Recession May 2016
Dobos, Danielle Modeling the Labor Market Effects of the Affordable Care Act May 2016