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Honors Theses

Format: 2020
Author Thesis Title Date
Dinerstein, Michael Free Agency and Contract Options: How Major League Baseball Teams Value Players May 2007
Dizon-Ross, Elise Adverse Selection and Consumer Behavior in the Viatical Settlement Market May 2007
Gibbs, Jonathan Point Shaving in the NBA: An Economic Analysis of the National Basketball Association's Point Spread Betting Market May 2007
Haller, Andrew The Determinants of Sniping on eBay: An Econometric Analysis May 2007
Jang, Youngjun Volatility Forecasting with High Frequency Data May 2007
Koo, Bonwoong (Brian) A Study of Korean Corporations' Strategies for Expanding into the Chinese Market: Focus on the Strategy for Distribution Channels May 2007
Krolikowski, Pawel Michal Poverty and Religion: An investigation into Child Labor in Ghana May 2007
Okafor, Chika Degrees of Separation An Alternate Cause of Discrimination May 2007
Rao, Vilas Debt Forgiveness and Sovereign Credit Ratings in Developing Countries May 2007
Rewane, Misan Overrated? The Impact of Oil Revenue on Nigeria's Creditworthiness, Debt Profile & Sustainability, 1973-2004 May 2007
Seki, Jenna Optimal Collective Action Clause Thresholds May 2007
Wang, Xiao School Inputs and Educational Attainment in Jiangsu, China May 2007
Ye, Lei (Sandy) U.S. Trade Policy and the Pacific Rim, from Fordney-McCumber to the Trade Expansion Act of 1962: A Political-Economic Analysis May 2007
Erfe, Jeffrey Determining the Motivations for Internal Remittances in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar March 2007
Author Thesis Title Date
Hegeman, John Planning Costs and Price Discrimination in Markets for Time-Specific Goods September 2006