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Honors Theses

Format: 2018
Author Thesis Title Date
Jackson, Emilie The Efficiency of Wikipedia's Evolution May 2013
Kumaraguru, Ganesh How Do Students Value Time? An Examination of the Factors that Correlate With a Student’s Perceived Valuation of Time and the Link Between Perceived Value of Time and Time Management Prowess May 2013
Kumaraguru, Ganesh Appendix May 2013
Liu, Cynthia Using Empirically Estimated Efficiency Frontiers to Gauge Central Bank Performance and Effectiveness May 2013
Lott, Zachariah Exchange Rate Pass-Through on EBay May 2013
Muramoto, Larissa Impact of Federal Work Study on Postgraduation Outcomes May 2013
Poovudhikul, Venussa The Effects of the Thai College Admissions System on Private Tutoring Expenditure, Income and Achievement Disparities May 2013
Sachs, Rebecca Marqusee Job‐Lock and Health Insurance Premiums: Evidence from the Massachusetts Health Care Reform May 2013
Shapiro, Sam Federal R&D: Analyzing the Shift From Basic and Applied Research Toward Development May 2013
Storms, Evan Incentives and Manipulation in Large Market Matching with Substitutes May 2013
Thukral, Mohit Bank dominance: Financial sector determinants of sovereign risk premia May 2013
Vorapatchaiyanont, Rhampapacht (Joy) Design of Online Peer‐to‐Peer Investment Platform Offering Incentive‐Compatible Revenue‐Sharing Innovation May 2013
Zhu, Edward The Case for Free Trade Agreements: Historical Perspectives and a Projection for China, Japan, and Korea May 2013
Author Thesis Title Date
Chen, Alex Conditional Stochastic Disasters and the Equity Premium Puzzle May 2012
Cox, Natalie The War on Whooping Cough: The Impact of Prevalence Elasticity and State Policies on Vaccination Behavior May 2012
Daian, Matei The Veil of Communism: An Analysis of Lifespan, GDP per Capita, Human Capital, and Agricultural Productivity in Eastern Europe May 2012
Gray, Colin Responding to the Monetary Superpower: Investigating the Behavioral Spillovers of U.S. Monetary Policy May 2012
Jackson, Lee An Analysis of the Appreciation of the Chinese Renminbi Through the Lens of the the Nixon Shock, the Plaza Accord, and the Japanese Yen May 2012
Kechrid, Dania Management Practices and Productivity: the Case of Saudi Arabia May 2012
Nath, Ishan Does Carbon Pricing Improve Clean Tech Profitability? A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Australia May 2012