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Honors Theses

Format: 2020
Author Thesis Title Date
Walsh, Mark The Effect of Indian Community Health Workers: Multiple Tasks and Few Results May 2016
Moore, Justine Payment Schemes in Online Marketplaces: How Do Freelancers Respond to Monetary Incentives? March 2016
Moore, Olivia Mutual Fund Age, Performance, and the Optimal Track Record March 2016
Author Thesis Title Date
Barakat, Andrew Behavioral Determinants of Exercise Maintenance Lessons from Past & Current Rowers May 2015
Carls, Elizabeth Explaining the Variation1 in Non-Classroom Staff in Texas Public Schools May 2015
Ding, Anthony Buy it Now: An Analysis of the Effects of Buy Prices in Auction Listings May 2015
Johnson, Olivia Employer Vs. Individual Health Insurance Under The Affordable Care Act May 2015
Kohn, Emily Unexpected Harvest: A Study of Californian Agricultural Wages after the IRCA May 2015
Majerovitz, Jeremy Does Ethnic Fractionalization Matter for Development? May 2015
Mayer, Kate Legislation and anticipation: Consequences for the measurement of the minimum wage employment effect May 2015
Suresh, Rajiv “Tweeting for Tickets:” The Role of Social Media Marketing in Sports Franchises May 2015
Yarin, Shirley Pharmaceutical Copay Assistance Programs and Patient Drug Choice: Biological Specialty Drugs May 2015
Heng, Wei Ling BUZZ: The Impact of Positive User Sentiment on Startup Company Valuations in the USA March 2015
Author Thesis Title Date
Acosta, J. Miguel FOMC Responses to Calls for Transparency: Evidence from the Minutes and Transcripts Using Latent Semantic Analysis May 2014
Chatterji, Sherlene The Long-Term Effect of the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) Program on Academic Achievement: Evidence from a School District in Texas May 2014
Chugh, Shaan The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on the Opitmal Social Security Claim Age May 2014
Cox, Lydia Victory by Affiliation? Evaluating the Relationship Between Division I Athletics and Institutions of Higher Education in a Conference-Centric Landscape May 2014
Davis, Cole W. Pension Obligations: A Threat to Fiscal Stabilty? May 2014
Fang, Daniel Pricing Dynamics and Risk Taking in Partially Segmented Incomplete Markets May 2014
Fedyk, Valeria CEO Overconfidence: An Alternative Explanation for Corporate Financing Decisions May 2014