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Honors Theses

Format: 2020
Author Thesis Title Date
Lee, Casatrina Modeling the LoJack Effect in the Cyber Security Market - A Study of Incentives May 2014
Liu, Robert Comparing Fiscal Strategies for the U.S. in a New Keynesian Framework May 2014
Robert Scott Lemons Amateurism and College Athletics May 2014
Shah, Namir In-State Merit Aid and College Choice: New Jeresy's STARS Program as a Tuition Subsidy May 2014
Tang, Henry Zhu The Collaborative Filtering Effect of Netflix Ratings for Indie Films versus Blockbusters and Heavy Users versus Casual Users May 2014
Ferrell, Paul Dead Weight Loss, Windfall Profit, and the Solution to the Helium Market February 2014
Author Thesis Title Date
Ariyathugun, Triwit Revenue‐Maximizing Mechanism Choice in Divisible Good Auctions: An Empirical Analysis of the Thai Treasury Auction Market May 2013
Boothe, Andrew How Young Basketball Players Can Maximize Their Value May 2013
Cortes, Robert Joint Decisions and the Allais Paradox May 2013
Guo, Jean Barker’s Hypothesis and the Selection Effect: The Repercussions of Fetal Malnutrition in the Context of the Great Chinese Famine in 1959‐1961 May 2013
Hogan, Virginia Matching in Groups: A Theoretical and Empirical Study May 2013
Jackson, Emilie The Efficiency of Wikipedia's Evolution May 2013
Kumaraguru, Ganesh How Do Students Value Time? An Examination of the Factors that Correlate With a Student’s Perceived Valuation of Time and the Link Between Perceived Value of Time and Time Management Prowess May 2013
Kumaraguru, Ganesh Appendix May 2013
Liu, Cynthia Using Empirically Estimated Efficiency Frontiers to Gauge Central Bank Performance and Effectiveness May 2013
Lott, Zachariah Exchange Rate Pass-Through on EBay May 2013
Muramoto, Larissa Impact of Federal Work Study on Postgraduation Outcomes May 2013
Poovudhikul, Venussa The Effects of the Thai College Admissions System on Private Tutoring Expenditure, Income and Achievement Disparities May 2013
Sachs, Rebecca Marqusee Job‐Lock and Health Insurance Premiums: Evidence from the Massachusetts Health Care Reform May 2013
Shapiro, Sam Federal R&D: Analyzing the Shift From Basic and Applied Research Toward Development May 2013