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Honors Theses

Format: 2018
Author Thesis Title Date
Sunmonu, Aminat Omotola Food VS Fuel: Can Biofuels Improve the Incomes of Rural Farmers in Nigeria? May 2011
Xiao, Elizabeth The Effect of Health Insurance on Health Care Spending in Young Adults May 2011
Author Thesis Title Date
Kutyavina, Marina The Effect of Price Control Threats on Pharmaceutical R&D Investments June 2010
Teter, Claire Gender Homophily across Types of Social Networks in Rural India June 2010
Beck, Andrew Does Childhood Prefrontal Cortex Volume Vary with Socioeconomic Status? May 2010
Bethune, Anna The Economic Lives of the Microfinanced Poor May 2010
Bruno, William Random Acts of Representative Democracy in the Orissa Panchayati Raj May 2010
de la Paz, Lorra An Analysis of the Timing of Fertility in Rural India May 2010
Forbes, Riah The Effect of Skewed Sex Ratios on Marriage Markets in India May 2010
Georgoudis, Paris Estimation and Prediction of Financial Contagion through Trade May 2010
Hudson, Sally The Effects of Performance-Based Teacher Pay on Student Achievement May 2010
Hyde, Timothy Addams A Righteous Collusion: The Prisoner's Dilemma and the Civil Rights Act May 2010
Kropp, Garner Gender Bias Under Targeted Transfers: Food for Schooling in Bangladesh May 2010
Laird, Jessica A. The Business Cycle's Secondary Effects on the Decision to Participate in the Food Stamps Program May 2010
Le, Sidney Unemployment Makes You Sick, but High Unemployment Makes Us Healthy May 2010
Miu, Adriana S. The Effect of Parents' Locus of Control Belief and Education on Investment in Their Children's Health May 2010
Tan, Jireh Exchange Rates and the Current Account Balance: A Case Study of the Yen May 2010
Tosborvorn, Thiti Exploring the Yen Carry Trade: Investor's Choice of Target Currencies May 2010
Tu, Peter Winner's Curse and the Competitive Effect: Measuring Competition in the Viatical Settlement Market May 2010
Vacek, Tomas Empirical Explanation of Covered Interest Parity Deviations During Financial Crises May 2010