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Honors Theses

Format: 2020
Author Thesis Title Date
Guirguis, Michael M. Sectoral Mobility and Egyptian Labor Reform May 2011
Gumport, Michelle Does Court-Mandated School Finance Reform Affect Private School Enrollment? May 2011
Hirshman, Gregory Raising Taxes to Balance the Budget: How Effects on Output and Labor Supply Complicate the Matter May 2011
Jivasantikarn, Kittiprapha An Analysis of the Credit Union for Migrant Workers in Thailand May 2011
Joshi, Nikhil The Market for Talent: Are Top Draft Picks Overpaid? May 2011
Kang, Christine Directors' and Officers' Insurance: Ordinary Corporate Expense or Valuable Signaling Device? May 2011
Lee, Stephanie Compulsory Licensing and Domestic Innovation: Evidence from the Trading with the Enemy Act after World War II May 2011
Liu, Binying Why are Some Diversified U.S. Equity Funds Less Diversified than Others? A Study on the Industry Concentration of Mutual Funds May 2011
Min, Ji Sun Development Assistance for Health as a Weapon Against Threats of Infectious Diseases: Evidence from aid for HIV and Tuberculosis May 2011
Mullen, Cameron Health Insurance Pooling Between Thin and Obese in Europe May 2011
Punyakumpol, Chanya The Effect of Preferential Trade Agreement: The Case of Brazil and the U.S. May 2011
Sunmonu, Aminat Omotola Food VS Fuel: Can Biofuels Improve the Incomes of Rural Farmers in Nigeria? May 2011
Xiao, Elizabeth The Effect of Health Insurance on Health Care Spending in Young Adults May 2011
Author Thesis Title Date
Kutyavina, Marina The Effect of Price Control Threats on Pharmaceutical R&D Investments June 2010
Teter, Claire Gender Homophily across Types of Social Networks in Rural India June 2010
Beck, Andrew Does Childhood Prefrontal Cortex Volume Vary with Socioeconomic Status? May 2010
Bethune, Anna The Economic Lives of the Microfinanced Poor May 2010
Bruno, William Random Acts of Representative Democracy in the Orissa Panchayati Raj May 2010
de la Paz, Lorra An Analysis of the Timing of Fertility in Rural India May 2010
Forbes, Riah The Effect of Skewed Sex Ratios on Marriage Markets in India May 2010