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Honors Theses

Format: 2018
Author Thesis Title Date
Molina, Teresa Wealth, Education, and Gender Bias: An Investigation into Rising Sex Ratios in Haryana, India March 2009
Author Thesis Title Date
Cacioppo, Christina Elizabeth Grandmothers and Granddaughters Revisited: Declines in Health and Within-Household Labor Shares in Kagera, Tanzania June 2008
Pak, Gina L. Demand for the Game: The Effect of Competitive Balance and Dynasty Persistence on Attendance in the National Football League June 2008
Arenson, Sean M. Does Free Trade Make You Fat?: The Role or Agricultural Policy and Food Price in Explaining Cross-Country Variation in Obesity Prevalence May 2008
Chang, Lee L. Morbidity, Mortality, and Fertility in Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Global Malaria May 2008
Easterbrook, Kathleen F. Flat Taxes and Labor Supply in Central and Eastern Europe May 2008
Kautz, Tim Stigma, Fear and Hope: A Model of HIV Testing in Sub-Saharan Africa May 2008
Levine, Ruth Universal Old-Age Benefits in a Multi-Pillar System: Evaluating Incentive Effects in Chile May 2008
Parapiboon, Potay The Aftermath of Currency Crises: Exchange Rates, Money Growth, Inflation and Interest Rates in Asia and Latin America May 2008
Pekelis, Leonid A Numerical Analysis of Coordinating Monetary Policy Under New Keynesian Macroeconomics: Can It Be Accomplished, How Big Are the Effects, and Why May 2008
Shenoy, Ashish The Integration of the Indian Wheat Sector into the Global Market May 2008
Takapong, Saranwut The “Common Lender Effect”: Are Banking Centers Crisis Carriers? May 2008
Talis, Irina Do Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Encourage Technology Transfer? Evidence from Foreign Patenting in the United States May 2008
Tamkin, Michael Labor Supply Decisions of the Senior Population: Effect of Changes to the Social Security Earnings Test May 2008
Tan, Shin Eik Exchange Rate Targeting as a Monetary Policy Alternative to Interest Rate Targeting May 2008
Vernon, Jessica Quantitative Restrictions and Quality Upgrading: The Case of the Multi-Fibre Agreement May 2008
Walls, Elizabeth Sexual Harassment Policy and Incentives to Social Interaction May 2008
Warren, Emily What Does Migration Mean for Children Left Behind? Educational Evidence from Guatemla May 2008
Woolley, John Microfinance Performance and Domestic GDP Growth: Testing the Resiliency of Microfinance Institutions to Economic Change May 2008
Zhang, Zhihao Testing the House Money & Break Even Effects on Blackjack Players in Las Vegas May 2008