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Stanford Economics Alumni Speaker Series (SEASS)

The speaker series for 2019-20 is scheduled in autumn quarter as Econ 5: Frontiers in Economics Research and Policy


There is a wide range of career opportunities open to Stanford Econ majors.  Those who have passed through Landau have gone on to work for tech giants and startups, big Wall Street firms and nonprofits, public legislatures, and private law firms, and of course academic research and teaching.

This program brings alumni of the Stanford Economics Department (undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty) back to campus to connect with current Econ majors and share insights from their own career and life paths.

We’re always looking for as diverse a group of alumni as possible, from recent grads to those who launched their careers decades ago. If you’re an alum and this sounds appealing to you, or if you know of someone who you think current Econ majors would like to hear from, please drop a note to

If you’re a current Econ major or member of the Econ Department and would like to help with this speaker series, please email Chris Makler at