Department of Economics Entry



The Department welcomes five new faculty members: 

Associate Professor Dave Donaldson from MIT

Professor Mark Duggan from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor Bradley Larsen from MIT

Assistant Professor Melanie Morten from Yale University

Assistant Professor Petra Persson from Columbia University



John Taylor Initiates a New Economics 1


This fall the Stanford Economics Department is embarking on a new Principles of Economics course. For the first time since the financial crisis, the course will be taught in one term covering both micro and macro. A one-term course will allow for a better integration of micro and macro principles. Indeed, big events like the financial crisis and the slow recovery can only be understood with a mix of micro and macro, and this makes the course more interesting for students. The new Stanford Economics 1 course will consist of about 35 lectures which provides plenty of time to cover the key topics and principles. Professor John B. Taylor will be teaching the inaugural Economics 1.