Department of Economics Entry

Michael Boskin photo

a conference and celebration in honor of
Professor Michael Boskin

Friday, October 2nd, 2015



2015 Empirical Management Conference - December 9, 10, 11

CALL FOR PAPERS - by October 4, 2015


Nick Bloom, Stanford University

Raffaella Sadun, Harvard Business School

John Van Reenen, London School of Economics and Centre for Economic Performance



Congratulations to Gabriel Carroll, the recipient of the 2015 Aliprantis Prize

given by The Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory – SAET.



Pascaline Dupas has been awarded the French prize for Best Young Economist. 

Congratulations on this prestigious award!



Congratulations to Matt Jackson, newly elected to the National Academy of Sciences.


The American Academy of Arts and Sciences elects to their 2015 class

Professors Liran Einav and Pete Klenow and soon to be Stanford Professor Matt Gentzkow.





Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics



2014 Job Market Candidates




The Department welcomes five new faculty members: 

Associate Professor Dave Donaldson from MIT

Professor Mark Duggan from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor Brad Larsen from MIT

Assistant Professor Melanie Morten from Yale University

Assistant Professor Petra Persson from Columbia University