The Economics Department is committed to increasing the representation of underrepresented students, faculty, and staff. Our understanding of the word “underrepresented” includes race, gender, and gender orientation, socioeconomic status, as well as persons with disabilities, mental health issues, and other characteristics that may result in stigma. We are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive culture in which all students, faculty, and staff feel they belong and are able to thrive.

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Muriel Niederle has been awarded the prize together with Christine Zuhlener from the University of Vienna. Kaethe Leichter Staatspreis is a prize for the study of women, gender, equality in the workforce which honors extraordinary achievements in the area of Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts.
Monika Piazzesi, the Joan Kenny Professor of Economics has been elected as Vice President of the American Finance Association. Her research focuses on asset pricing and time series econometrics, especially related to bond markets and the term structure of interest rates.
Caroline Hoxby is the Scott and Donya Bommer Professor in Economics at Stanford University and is one of the world's leading scholars in the Economics of Education. 
The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics' biannual award is given to researchers who made significant academic contributions to institutional and organizational economics.

Seminars and Events

Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE)

The SITE 2022 Conference will be held June 30 - September 16, 2022 on the Stanford campus with sessions on a wide-range of economic topics. Its purpose is to advance economic science for the benefit of society and to support cutting-edge work of economic theorists within specialized areas of research.

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