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Peer Advising

2017-18 Econ Peer Advisors

2017-2018 Econ Peer Advisers

The Econ Peer Advisors are valuable resources for students who are interested in majoring in Economics. Whether you are considering the major or already an Econ major, we encourage you to reach out to one of our peer advisors with any questions. They would love to speak with you! 

Meet the 2017-2018 Econ Peer Advisors:

Sarah HelgesonSarah Helgeson

Hi! I'm Sarah, a Senior majoring in Economics. I decided to major in Economics after taking Econ 1 my Freshman fall. My concentration within Economics started out as simply Finance but it has evolved to include Economic Development and Behavioral Economics.

Outside of Econ, I interned at a Private Equity firm in Palo Alto and at a blockchain-inspired financial technology start-up in NYC. Both experiences were amazing but very different! I am also on the Stanford Field Hockey team and in a sorority.

Ask me about my summer internships, blockchain technologies, being a varsity athlete while majoring in Economics, and any other questions you may have! Email Sarah or schedule a meeting with her.

Andrew JabaraAndrew Jabara

Hi there! I'm Andrew, a Senior majoring in Economics, minoring in Education, and coterming in Management Science & Engineering. Academically, I'm interested in the behavioral and strategy areas of economics, as well as the economics of education and the intersections of economics and the business world.

Over the past few years, I've worked at companies across California, from a multinational conglomerate in Hollywood to the quintessential Silicon Valley startup. There are plenty of professional opportunities beyond finance and consulting, and I'd be happy to share my experiences with you.

Once upon a time, I was considering majoring in Economics or MS&E, and I thought that I really wanted to pursue a career in finance. As you can see, things have changed. Whether you want to talk about deciding on a major, classes to take, pursuing a coterminal Master's degree, joining the Stanford Economics Association (I'm the Head of Marketing and Tech), or life in general, feel free to reach out! Email Andrew or schedule a meeting with him.

Avner KrepsAvner Kreps 

I'm Avner, a senior majoring in Economics and coterming in Public Policy. I'm interested in law and economics, anti-trust and competition, and regulatory policy, particularly with regards to financial regulation, but I have also taken interesting classes on finance, management, decision modeling, and game theory, to name a few favorites. I was Co-President of Stanford Economics Association last year and still am affiliated with the organization. 

I have worked in the private sector as a Summer Analyst at Cornerstone Research, an economic litigation consulting firm; in the public sector, at the EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics and the City of Pleasanton's financial department; and as a research assistant at the Hoover Institution. Going forward, I will be returning to Cornerstone Research's Chicago office as a full-time Analyst beginning in fall 2018 and will consider going to law school in the future. I worked at the EPA through the Stanford in Washington program, which I did in spring of 2017.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the public policy coterm, what economic consulting is and how it differs from management consulting, Stanford in Washington, differences between the public sector and the private sector, SEA, or just about planning your major and what classes I recommend. I am happy to set up a meeting, and I look forward to talking to you! Email Avner or schedule a meeting with him.

Annika MulaneyAnnika Mulaney

Hi! I’m Annika, a pre-law junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Human Rights. I’m interested in economics, finance, and law.

This summer I interned in the financial risk area at Wells Fargo, and I will be continuing to work in financial risk next year at Goldman Sachs. In addition, I have interned in the public sector for Florida’s Attorney General. I am passionate about human rights and hope to integrate it into economic policy perspective.

Studying economics has enabled me to combine qualitative and quantitative analysis to better understand a wide range of issues. Come talk to me about the decision process in choosing the major, having broad interests, classes to take, four-year plans, or anything else on your mind! Email Annika or schedule a meeting with her.

Hank PattonHank Patton

Hey y’all! I’m Hank, a Junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Math. Within Economics, my studies have focused on Public Economics, Econometrics, and Industrial Organization. I’m also quite interested in research as I am pursuing the Econ honors degree and plan on getting an Econ PhD down the road.

Outside of class, this past summer I worked as a research assistant to Michael Boskin in the Hoover Institution focusing on Social Security Reform. During the year, I have been a section leader in the Stanford Band, President of a math tutoring club on campus, and a member of a fraternity, so if you want to talk about school/life balance, I’m your guy. I’m also going abroad to Berlin this winter and would love to talk about how you can fit that into your Econ experience.  

Whatever you need to talk about related to Econ or Stanford, feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help!  Email Hank or schedule a meeting with him.

Fred RobsonFred Robson

Hi! I’m Fred and I’m a senior majoring in Economics and Symbolic Systems from London, UK.  Within economics, my focus has been on finance, but I’ve enjoyed a range of classes from the economics of Japan to market design.

This summer I worked for Centerview, a boutique investment bank, in their Palo Alto office. I will be returning to Centerview full time when I graduate. In previous summers, I’ve worked for start-ups in New York and London, as well as a VC in London.

Ask me about double-majoring, tech versus finance, placing out of Econ 1, choosing economics after SLE or anything else on your mind. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!  Email Fred or schedule a meeting with him.

Michael WangMichael Wang

Hey! I’m Mike, a senior double majoring in Economics and Mathematical and Computational Science. Within economics, I am interested in market design, microeconomic theory, and finance. I also went abroad to Oxford, UK during junior year, where I studied macroeconomics.

Last summer, I worked on Wall Street doing quantitative trading. In the past, I’ve also done data science at a tech startup in NYC, data science at a large Silicon Valley company, and software engineering on real time bidding algorithms for ad-auctions. At Stanford, I’ve also worked as a SIEPR research assistant doing machine learning on satellite imagery to detect illegal mines. I am currently working on a trading startup.

I’d love to answer any questions about the Economics major, classes to take, double majoring, going abroad, my favorite classes/experiences within the major, quant trading, software engineering, data science, and all the hot buzzwords. Email Mike or schedule a meeting with him.

Laura Zhang

Hi! I'm Laura, and I'm a senior majoring in Economics and M.C.S. (Mathematical and Computational Science). I've been involved with the peer advising program since it started two years ago and am always happy to hear your thoughts about how we can improve the program. Please contact me at the email below if you have any comments.

My interests are in policy research, specifically in social, public, and labor economics. I'm planning to get a PhD in economics after graduation, and in the past, I've worked as a summer analyst in Research & Statistics at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a summer intern at the White House's Council of Economic Advisers, and a summer consulting intern at Accenture in San Francisco. 

Please reach out to me if you need advice about the major, data classes for economics, or especially if you are interested in learning more about research. I am also editor-in-chief of the economics journal, and we are always looking for associate editors. Welcome to the Economics department, and I look forward to meeting you soon.  Email Laura or schedule a meeting with her.