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Peer Advising

2018-19 Econ Peer Advisors

Econ Peer Advisors for 2018-19.

The Econ Peer Advisors are valuable resources for students who are interested in majoring in Economics. Whether you are considering the major or already an Econ major, we encourage you to reach out to one of our peer advisors with any questions. They would love to speak with you! Winter Quarter Office Hours.

Meet the 2018-2019 Econ Peer Advisors:

Courtney BondCourtney Bond

Hi! I’m Courtney, a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in both Public Policy and International Relations. I am interested in how economics, finance, and technology intersect. 

Last summer, I worked for Morgan Stanley in their Global Capital Markets division. Previously, I worked at my California State Senator’s district office. At Stanford, I am a VP of Stanford Women in Business and on the sponsorship team for TreeHacks. I plan to study abroad in Cape Town during this winter quarter.

Feel free to ask me questions about double minoring, studying abroad, introductory Econ classes (I have taken four Econ introsems), or anything else Econ / Stanford related!  Email Courtney.


Daniel Huang

Hi! I’m Daniel, a junior majoring in Economics. I am broadly interested in economics, finance, and applications of computer science to the social sciences. On campus, I am a portfolio manager for the Blyth Fund and also manage Stanford Splash. I plan to study “abroad” in New York this winter (Stanford in New York: Media, Business, and Finance).

I spent this past summer as a research assistant at Bruegel, a European Union-focused economic policy think tank in Brussels, Belgium, where I worked on projects in labor economics and environmental economics. Previously, I interned at Williams Capital Advisors, a technology investment bank in Palo Alto, and also at Cisco Systems, in a software engineering role.

I’m happy to chat about the economics major, working abroad, career interests, navigating Stanford, or anything really. Email Daniel.


Navya KondaNavya Konda

Hey Everyone! I’m Navya, a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science.  I am currently working towards my honors thesis, and have broad interests in the various cross-sections of economic theory and technology, corporate strategy, international development, market design and research, arts, and beyond.

I spent the past two years as an undergraduate research assistant at SIEPR’s Mobile Innovation Lab (under the incredible guidance of Dr. Timothy Bresnahan and Dr. Pai-Ling Yin), and have further applied my economic knowledge through internships for Ford Motor Company, Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd., Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission. Apart from the world of economics, I am the co-president for the Stanford Speakers Bureau and serve as a student delegate on Stanford's Academic Council and Breadth Governance Board. I am also an Indian Classical dancer. 

Please feel free to reach out with questions surrounding choosing coursework, exploring economic internships abroad, supplementing the major with studying abroad and other broader opportunities, writing an honors thesis, or anything else about life on the farm! Looking forward to meeting you! Email Navya.


Annika MulaneyAnnika Mulaney

Hi! I’m Annika, a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Human Rights.

I have broad interests in economics, finance, and law. I have interned at the Florida Office of Attorney General doing legal research and human trafficking advocacy. This past summer I worked at Goldman Sachs in the Market Risk division, and last summer I worked at Wells Fargo in the International Risk division. My initial interest in risk management stemmed from a curiosity about financial law and how business initiatives are implemented in the context of constantly changing regulations.

I am also interested in understanding how the human rights framework can be applied to economic policy to better assess quality and distribution of growth, especially in developing countries.

Studying economics has enabled me to combine qualitative and quantitative analysis to better understand a wide range of issues. Come talk to me about the decision process in choosing the major, having broad interests, classes to take, four-year plans, pursuing the Honors program, or anything else on your mind! Email Annika or schedule a meeting with her.


Hank PattonHank Patton

Hey y’all! I’m Hank, a Senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Math and German Studies. Within Economics, my studies have focused on Public Economics, Econometrics, and Industrial Organization. I’m also quite interested in research and am, hopefully, writing my honors thesis as you read this.

Outside of class, this past summer I worked as a Summer Analyst at Cornerstone Research, an Economic Litigation Consulting firm. Previously, I worked in the Economics Department Summer RA program and would love to answer any questions you have about the program. Going forward, I will be returning to Cornerstone Research's Silicon Valley office as a full-time Analyst beginning in Fall 2019 with intentions to someday return to school (MBA, PhD, JD, who knows?).

Feel free to ask me questions about balancing the major with studying abroad, what economic consulting is and how it differs from management consulting, the Summer RA Program, declaring the major, or just which professors have the best senses of humor. I am happy to set up a meeting, and I look forward to talking to you!  Email Hank or schedule a meeting with him.


Victoria PuVictoria Pu

Hi! I'm Victoria, a Senior majoring in Economics, minoring in Japanese, and coterming in MS&E. Within economics, I'm interested in market design, industrial organizations, and international economics. I'm also considering law school somewhere down the line. 

This past summer I interned in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in San Francisco. In previous summers I've worked at a start-up in China, in economic consulting at Analysis Group, and twice in Japan—at an education company and think tank, through Stanford Global Studies and the Freeman Spogli Institute, respectively. 

Come chat with me about working abroad, coterming, eclectic interests, or just about anything else!  Email Victoria or schedule a meeting with her.


Genevieve SeldenGenevieve Selden

Hi! I'm Genevieve, a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science. I'm interested mainly in microeconomics, consumer behavior, and econometrics.

Last summer I interned with Accenture Strategy and worked with a client in the Communications, Media, and Technology (CMT) practice. The previous summer I interned with the Accenture Ventures team and with Viant Capital, a technology investment bank in San Francisco. Prior to that I worked as a Research Assistant at SIEPR for Professor Mark Duggan on a government performance project. I also studied abroad at Oxford during my junior year and completed a Behavioral Economics tutorial there. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the major, studying abroad, doing an honors thesis, combining the Economics major with a minor, working in consulting or anything else you want to know!  Email Genevieve.


Vicky YeungVicky Yeung

Hi! I’m Vicky, a Senior majoring in Economics. Within Economics, I’m pursuing the Econ honors degree. I previously served as Event Chair for the Stanford Economics Association. I have interests in business, technology, and corporate strategy.

On campus, I am a current Community Leader at Castaño House and serve as a peer mentor for several organizations. I spent this past summer in Cupertino interning in program management at Apple. Previously, I spent a summer abroad in Shanghai interning at Gap Inc. in financial planning and analysis through the Stanford Global Studies program. I’d be more than happy to share any of these experiences with you!

Feel free to reach out to chat about navigating the major and Stanford as a first-generation college student, career interests, interning abroad, or anything else you’re curious about!  Email Vicky or schedule a meeting with her.