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Peer Advising

2019-20 Econ Peer Advisors

Econ Peer Advisors for 2019-20.

The Econ Peer Advisors are valuable resources for students who are interested in majoring in Economics. Whether you are considering the major or already an Econ major, we encourage you to reach out to one of our peer advisors with any questions. They would love to speak with you, meet them at the Green Library-Coupa Cafe! February 2020 office hours.

Meet the 2019-2020 Econ Peer Advisors:






Joe FennerJoe Fenner

Hello everyone, My name is Joe Fenner and I am a senior studying Economics with a minor in Data Science. My interests within the field are public policy, education, and technology/telecom, with a focus on quantitative analysis.

This summer I was working as a research assistant at the Technology Policy Institute through a Google Public Policy Fellowship, and the previous summer I was studying special education funding at the California Department of Finance.

Majoring in economics has allowed me to better understand state and federal policy as well as the underpinnings of decisions and markets. I have loved the flexibility of the major to enable me to gain both quantitative and qualitative skills.  Come talk to me about choosing a major, getting through the requirements ( I didn't take Econ 1 until sophomore year), minoring, honors, or anything that your heart desires.  Email Joe.

Niki FlamenNiki Flamen

Hi! My name is Niki Flamen and I a m a senior studying Economics with a minor in Data Science.  In the field of economics, I am interested in, and would love to learn more about, education, development, finance, international economics, and the political economy.

I have pursued a diverse range of internships throughout my past few summers.  Most recently, I interned at Evercore as an investment banking analyst in the Equity Capital Markets division.  The prior two summers, I worked at start ups focusing on cloud-based software and the creation of affordable prosthetic legs.  In addition to internships, I have worked at the Center of Research on Educational Outcomes, and educational think tank, during the school year.  Last year, I had a chance to study abroad in Berlin, and even took an economics course on globalization. 

I am more than happy to talk to you about the major, choosing classes, creating a multiple-year plan, going abroad, finance internships, and anything else you can think of!   Email Niki.

Marco LorenzonMarco Lorenzon

Hi! I'm Marco, a senior majoring in economics and coterming in MS&E.  Within economics, I'm interested in market design, development, and health care economics. Outside of economics, I enjoy baking slow-fermented sourdough bread.

This past summer I interned in Venture Capital/Private Equity at Stripes Group in New York.  In previous summers, I've worked in Tech Investment Banking with JP Morgan and in Venture Capital with True Ventures in San Francisco. At Stanford, I have been a TA for ENGR 245, The Lean Launchpad, for 3 years and have also TA'd FINANCE 121, Undergraduate Finance Research Seminar, and STRAMGT 306, Food, Health, and Nutrition Entrepreneurship.

I'm happy to chat about the major, coterming, entrepreneurship on campus, career interests, or keeping a sourdough starter alive - anything really!  Email Marco.

lindsay rosston-pa19-20Lindsay Rosston

Hi! I'm Lindsay, a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Education.  I am interested in the intersection of economics, education and technology, especially through the lens of investing.  Blending my passion for education and intellectual interest in economics, I am currently writing my honors thesis with a focus on the economics of education.

Last summer, I worked at Morgan Stanley as an investment banking summer analyst within their global technology group.  During my previous summer, I worked at Apollo Global Management within the credit division.  At Stanford, I am Co-President of Stanford Women in Finance and am actively engaged with the Education minor program.  I studied abroad last fall in Madrid, where I completed an Economics course in Spanish!

Feel free to ask me questions about the major with studying abroad, finance internships, the Honors program, and anything else related to Econ or Stanford!  Email Lindsay.


Emily RuanEmily Ruan

Hi! I'm Emily, a senior majoring in Economics.  Within economics, I am broadly interested in health economics, international economics and development economics.

This past summer I interned in consulting at the Boston Consulting Group in New York.  In past summers, I studied abroad in Beijing and taught yoga at Stanford Sierra Camp.  On campus, I am a Bridge Peer Counselor, Resident Assistant, and former president of the Stanford Economics Association.  I've also conducted research at SIEPR and the law school.

Come chat with me about anything on your mind!  Email Emily.


Nick ShankarNick Shankar

Hi! I'm Nick, a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Math. Within economics, I'm interested in health economics, international development, and political economy. I'm hoping to work in economic research and public policy in the future, and am currently writing an honors thesis.

This past summer, I was a research assistant at Stanford Health Policy, examining the effect of China's economic reforms on health outcomes. I also worked in India doing field research on health policy, and was a Stanford in Government summer fellow as a freshman. Outside class, I was co-president of the Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES) and helped start the Stanford Global Development Association (SGDA).

Feel free to reach out with questions surrounding choosing coursework, connecting with faculty, declaring the major, getting involved with research, writing a thesis, or anything else on your mind! Email Nick.


Michal SkretaMichal Skreta

Hello everyone! My name is Michal and I'm a junior from Warsaw, Poland.  I'm double majoring in Economics and Political Science, with academic interests in international political economy, financial markets, and quantitative social science.

I spent this past summer on the investment team of Stanford Management Company, focusing mainly on private equity and real estate. Previously, I completed internships at the U.S.. House of Representatives as well as in investment banking and management consulting. On campus, I have done research at the Center for Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL), have served in leadership positions within the ASSU, and have worked as a Resident Assistant in Soto, an all-freshman dorm. I also studied abroad in Oxford my sophomore winter, where I completed a tutorial on the Economics of the European Union.

Feel free to ask me about anything related to double majoring, studying abroad, placing out of ECON 1, taking courses at Stanford Law School, doing research on campus, being an international student at Stanford, or about anything else that crosses your mind! 
Email Michal.


Benjamin WittenbrinkBenjamin Wittenbrink

Hi! I'm Benjamin, a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics. Broadly, I am interested in applying mathematical models and quantitative methods to understand economic and political issues, and plan to write an honors thesis.

This past summer I was in Zurich, interning at a data science startup, QuantCo, leveraging concepts from econometrics and machine learning to create business impact.  Previously, I worked as a  research assistant in both an economics and neuroscience lab at the University of Chicago.  At Stanford, I am the Director of Analytics for Stanford in Government and work as a research assistant in the economics department.

Feel free to ask me any questions about double-majoring, the economics major, research, choosing classes, careers, working abroad, or anything else you're curious about!  Email Benjamin.