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Peer Advising

Brennan Bower

Hello! My name is Brennan and I’m a senior from Cumming, Georgia majoring in Economics and minoring in Computer Science and Music. 


I have worked as a research assistant in the economics department since sophomore year, previously under Professor Tim Bresnahan during my sophomore Fall and Winter, and currently under Professor Frank Wolak on projects related to the energy transition and the impact of renewable generation on California’s electricity market. Next summer I will be interning for the Boston Consulting Group, and after graduation I hope to explore opportunities in the energy sector. Outside the major, I play horn in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, serve as the President of Kappa Sigma, and enjoy running and going to the gym.


Feel free to talk to me about energy and environmental economics, getting involved in research, taking classes at the GSB, class recommendations, recruiting for consulting, or anything else you’d like to know!


Eric Gao



Hello! I'm Eric, a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics. My primary interests are in game theory and mechanism design.  

My previous research lies in analyzing matching markets. I've previously written a paper on the market for conversations on 7 Cups, a site where individuals can talk with others for social-emotional support. I have also investigated what happens to kidney donations when generalizing theoretical and practical models to allow for patients to bring in multiple donors. I am currently coauthoring a paper analyzing optimal interview design in matching markets with strategic uncertainty. I'm planning to go to graduate school in economics. 

I'm also involved with the Stanford Economic Review and the Stanford Math Tournament. I've also been a teaching assistant for Econ 51 and hope to continue doing so. Outside of doing more math than what doctors recommend, I've picked up tree climbing after reaching satiation in my utility function over lightsaber twirling and card throwing. I also enjoy chess and biking. 

Feel free to ask me anything about the economics major or economics in general! In theory I should be able to answer questions about practice, but in practice I'm much more familiar with theory. 



Francesca Malayeri

Hi! My name is Francesca and I’m a senior from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Economics and minoring in English.


I’ve worked as a research assistant in the Department of Management Science & Engineering, Center for Poverty and Inequality, and the Graduate School of Education. The past two summers, I’ve done research and public service work, integrating my interests in economics in a variety of platforms. On campus, I I work at the Office of Inclusion, Community, and Integrative Learning, sit on multiple faculty advising committees, and am actively involved in the Leland Scholars Program. In my free time, I love to discover new music, read nonfiction and poetry, and explore the Bay Area.


Feel free to reach out about switching into the Economics major, being of an underrepresented background in the department, balancing minoring/studying abroad and doing social science research while studying econ! Looking forward to meeting you! 




Ivy Manna

Hiya! My name is Ivy, and I’m from Cheltenham, England. I'm a senior double majoring in Economics and Psychology and co-terming in Public Policy, with broad academic interests in the fields of market design, neuroeconomics, and industrial organisation. 

This past summer, I worked as a consultant at The World Bank, analysing civil sector productivity and reform in Malaysia. Previously, I have worked in tax operations consulting at Ernst & Young in London, social justice research at the Stanford Social Concepts Lab, and healthcare policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London. On campus, I lead economics and statistics tutoring at the Stanford Centre for Teaching and Learning, work as a research assistant on managerial economics at SIEPR, and serve as the President of the Stanford FairTrade Collective. 

Feel free to ask me about exploring economics at Stanford, double majoring, research opportunities on campus, class recommendations, adding a data science minor, taking graduate-level courses, and absolutely anything at all. I'm really looking forward to meeting you soon!


William Seymour

Hello! My name is William, and I am a senior from Los Angeles majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science. I am extremely fascinated by the strategic and game theoretic sides of Economics, in addition to the application of Economics for social issues.


The summer after my freshman year I studied Strategic Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science where I gained a more international perspective on all things Economics. This past summer I worked at Strategy& doing strategy consulting for their Media & Entertainment division in Los Angeles. Next summer I will be in New York working for the Boston Consulting Group. Following college I hope to put my Economics degree towards some combination of research and business, both through graduate schooling and professionally.


In my free time I love to watch movies, work out, and read nonfiction. During my office hours or by email, I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding picking classes, balancing the Economics major with a minor and while studying abroad, preparing for consulting case and behavioral interviews, or just general questions about the major!