Congratulations to Fuhito Kojima, who is the 2021 winner of the Nakahara Prize of the Japanese Economic Association, which is awarded each year to an exceptional economist under the age of 45.
A significant achievement, Paul! Well done!
Stanford economists, Matthew Gentzkow and Susan Athey, using GPS data to analyze people’s movements, found that in most U.S. metropolitan areas, people’s day-to-day experiences are less segregated than traditional measures would suggest.
Ran Abramitsky starts his new role on September 1, 2020 as Senior Associate Dean of the Social Sciences in the School of Humanities and Sciences.
Ran Abramitzky says suspending visas for international students will harm the country's economy. Ran Abramitzky - Impact of visa suspension for international students
Economist Nicholas Bloom discusses the societal impacts of a "work-from-home economy" and the challenges it poses. Nick Bloom - Work-from-home economy
Paul Milgrom has been elected as a Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association. The Distinguished Fellow awards recognize the lifetime research contributions of distinguished economists. Paul Milgrom, Distinguished Fellow 2020
Caroline Hoxby has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the most prestigious honorary societies where elected members are recognized for their cross-disciplinary efforts to produce reflective, independent, and pragmatic
The Journal of Economic Theory recently published a 50th anniversary issue, which included a collection of the 50 most influential papers included in the journal since its inception. Nine of those papers included coauthors who are members of the
Heated debates about the costs and benefits of U.S.-China trade relations have been front and center in the political discourse in recent years, especially as the two countries negotiated toward this month’s deal.