A new working paper, Digital Addiction by Matthew Gentzkow and his colleagues suggest that "self-control problems magnified by habit formation are responsible for 31% of social media use."
SIEPR Director Mark Duggan writes in The Hill that the Congressional Budget Office forecasts Social Security will run a deficit of $120 billion this year and if policymakers do not act soon, Social Security will be fully depleted by 2032. Read more.
Stanford economist, Nicholas Bloom recommends that managers should decide which days their team should WFH. Read more.
Economics Professor, Nicholas Bloom talks about today's changing workplace, the shift to a hybrid work schedule, and more on the Work from Anywhere podcast series.
Environmental and Resource Economics Professor, Lawrence Goulder writes in The Hill that "a carbon tax is inherently progressive, narrowing the income gap between rich and poor households. Beyond that, we find that it can potentially raise real
Based on a new study by Arun Chandrasekhar, Matthew Jackson, and their colleagues: Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham and Samuel Thau, "global problems, from climate change to financial crises to disease control, are hard to address without policy coordination
Economics Professor, Nicholas Bloom indicates that implementing a hybrid workweek may face some challenges such as in-person team collaboration. Read more.
Congratulations to Professor Romano for this outstanding achievement! Read more about his contributions to the fields of econometrics to climate science.

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Many consider Texas to be among the most independent and fiscally responsible states in the nation, but during the past year, an explosion of unemployment benefits and possible overpayments have left the state $6.6 billion in debt to the federal
Middle schoolers in U.S. counties where fewer adults have advanced cognitive skills seem less likely to develop advanced skills themselves, according to a paper presented at a Brookings Papers on Economic Activity conference on March 25. Read more.