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Job Market Candidates

Available November 2017 for positions in Summer/Fall 2018

Placement Officers: Nick Bloom 650-725-7836; Pete Klenow 650-725-2620

Placement Administrator: Susie Gilbert 650-725-6198

Chris Bruegge

Fields of Study: Energy and Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Finance
Job Market Paper: Distortionary Fundraising for Energy Efficiency Subsidies: Implications for Efficient and Equitable Program Design

Isaias Chaves Villamizar

Fields of Study: Market Design and Microeconomic Theory, Political Economy, Information Economics
Job Market Paper: Privacy in Bargaining: The Case of Endogenous Entry

Emanuele Colonnelli

Fields of Study: Finance and Development
Job Market Paper: Corruption and Firms: Evidence from Randomized Audits in Brazil

Adem Dugalic

Fields of Study: Finance, Microeconomic Theory
Job Market Paper: Corporate Bond Market Post-Trade Transparency and Dealer Behavior

Fulya Ersoy

Fields of Study: Experimental Economics, Economics of Education, Behavioral Economics
Job Market Paper: Effects of Perceived Productivity on Study Effort: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Ian Hoffman

Fields of Study: Public Economics, Household Finance
Job Market Paper: Mortgage Guaranties, Housing Choice, and Borrower Riskiness: Evidence from the VA Home Loan Program

Eran Hoffmann

Fields of Study: Macroeconomics, Finance, Labor
Job Market Paper: The Cyclical Composition of Startups

Shota Ichihashi

Fields of Study: Microeconomic Theory, Economics of the Internet
Job Market Paper: Online Privacy and Information Disclosure by Consumers

Ivan Korolev

Fields of Study: Econometrics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Consistent Lagrange Multiplier Type Specification Tests for Semiparametric Models

Pavel Krivenko

Fields of Study: Macroeconomics, Real Estate, Financial Economics
Job Market Paper: Unemployment and the US Housing Market During the Great Recession

Gordon Leslie

Fields of Study: Energy and Environmental, Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: Why do Transmission Congestion Contract Auctions Cost Ratepayers Money? Evidence from New York

Christos Makridis

Fields of Study: Labor and Productivity
Job Market Paper: The Effects of Foreclosures on the Labor Market

Raviv Murciano-Goroff

Fields of Study: Innovation and Information Systems
Job Market Paper: Missing Women in Tech: The Labor Market for Highly Skilled Software Engineers

Tram Nguyen

Fields of Study: Development, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: Spillover Effects of a Sector-specific Minimum Wage

Afshin Nikzad

Fields of Study: Microeconomic Theory, Market Design
Job Market Paper: Thickness and Competition in Ride-sharing Markets

Nicola Pierri

Fields of Study: Industrial Organization, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: Credit Supply and Productivity Growth

Oriol Pons Benaiges

Fields of Study: Economic History, Economic Growth
Job Market Paper: Did Government Intervention Target Technological Externalities? Industrial Policy and Economic Growth in Postwar Japan, 1964-1983

Juan Rios

Fields of Study: Public Economics
Job Market Paper: Welfare Analysis of Transfer Programs with Jumps in Reported Income: Evidence from the Brazilian Bolsa Familia

Cian Ruane

Fields of Study: Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: The Aggregate Importance of Intermediate Input Substitutability

Ishuwar Seetharam

Fields of Study: Environmental Economics, Developmental Economics
Job Market Paper: The Indirect Effects of Hurricanes: Evidence from Firm Internal Networks

Yichen Su

Fields of Study: Urban Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics
Job Market Paper: The Rising Value of Time and the Origin of Urban Gentrification

Yevgeniy Teryoshin

Fields of Study: Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: Inflation Target Uncertainty and Monetary Policy

Caio Waisman

Fields of Study: Quantitative Marketing, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Selling Mechanisms for Perishable Goods: An Empirical Analysis of an Online Resale Market for Event Tickets

David Y. Yang

Fields of Study: Political Economy, Behavioral and Experimental, Economic History
Job Market Paper: The Impact of Media Censorship: Evidence from a Field Experiment in China