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Emeritus Faculty

Takeshi Amemiya

Edward Ames Edmonds Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Office: 250 Landau Economics
Phone: 650-723-3986
Plato and Aristotle, Ancient Greek economy

Timothy Bresnahan

Landau Professor in Technology and the Economy, Emeritus
Office: 325 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Thursday 2:00-3:30pm
Phone: 650-723-9471
Technical Change in 21st Century Economic Growth, Mass-Market Computing, Platform Competition in Computing (ancient and modern), Computing in White-Collar Automation, Entrepreneurship and Large Firms in Innovative Supply

Paul A. David

Professor of Economics, Professor (by Courtesy) of History, Emeritus
Office: 333 Landau Economics
Office Hours: by email appointment
Phone: 650-723-3710
Economics and economic history of science, technology and long-term economic growth; economics of information, knowledge, and legal protections of intellectual property rights, design of global climate stabilization policies.

Walter Falcon

Helen Farnsworth Professor of International Agricultural Policy, Economics, Emeritus
Office: Encina Hall 404E
Phone: 650-723-6367

Victor R. Fuchs

Henry J. Kaiser Jr. Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Office: SIEPR
Phone: 650-724-3428
family economics, future of American society, economics of aging, role of values in economic policy, individual and social responsibility for human services

John G. Gurley

Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Marxian theory, Soviet and Chinese economics, economic systems

Peter J. Hammond

Professor of Economics, Emeritus
economies with many agents, social choice and welfare

Anne O. Krueger

Herald L. and Caroline L. Ritch Professor in Humanities and Sciences, Emeritus
Financial institutions, corruption, and economic development; preferential trading arrangements and the multilateral trading system; the role of multilateral institutions in the international economy

Mordecai Kurz

Joan Kenney Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Office: 339 Landau Economics
Phone: 650-723-2220
Economic Theory & Public Policy

Lawrence J. Lau

Kwoh-Ting Li Professor of Economic Development, Emeritus
Phone: 650-723-3708

Roger Noll

Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Office: 324 Landau Economics
Phone: 650-723-2297
The positive theory of the courts, administrative procedures, and judicial review, economics and politics of utility regulation, economics of sports, telecommunications reform in developing countries

John H. Pencavel

Pauline K. Levin – Robert L. Levin and Pauline C. Levin - Abraham Levin Professor in Humanities and Sciences, Emeritus
Office: 262 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Appointment by email
Phone: 650-723-3981
Labor Economics, Labor History

Thomas J. Sargent

Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Office: Hoover Institution
Phone: 650-725-4213

John B. Shoven

Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Office: 221 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Appointment by email
Phone: 650-723-3273

David A. Starrett

Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Gavin Wright

William Robertson Coe Professor of American Economic History, Emeritus
Office: 329 Landau Economics
Office Hours: Monday 3:30-5:00pm
Phone: 650-723-3837
American economic history; the U.S. South; technology; natural resources and economic development. The economics of the Civil Rights Revolution.