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Honors Resources



Honors webpages in Econ and Public Policy


Tools to search for related literature

  • EconLit - From Stanford Libraries: "Comprehensive, indexed bibliography with selected abstracts [and full text] of the world's economic literature (over 300 major economic journals and collective volumes), compiled from the American Economic Association's Journal of economic literature and the Index of economic articles in journals and collective volumes." Requires Stanford login.
  • IDEAS/RePEc - "largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet"
  • JSTOR Text Analyzer
  • Google Scholar

Computing resources at Stanford

Consulting hours

Workshops at Stanford

  • Honors writing bootcamps (now renamed write-ins). Sundays, 1-4pm (times may vary). More info
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research. Various topics and times. More info

Useful tools and datasets

Articles/tips/presentations on writing and productivity