Stanford Economics Association (SEA)

The Stanford Economics Association (SEA) is an undergraduate student-run organization that serves Stanford students interested in economics.

Apart from weekly meetings, where members lead topical and intriguing economic discussions, SEA also hosts faculty lunches to promote student-faculty interaction, a new finance-focused speaker series, and large events such as the recent COVID-19 Policy Hackathon, which welcomed over 800 participants from over 75 countries. 

SEA members bring energy and enthusiasm to their work, and all Stanford undergraduates who are interested in economics are welcome to join the SEA community

SEA website


SEA Executive Board for 2020-2021

Abeer Dahiya Co-Pres

Abeer Dahiya


Catherine Sarkis Dir-Finance

Catherine Sarkis

Vice President and Director of Finance

Bessie Zhang Dir-Mkt & Tech

Bessie Zhang

Director of Marketing and Tech

Shubhangi Dutta Dir-Events

Shubhangi Dutta

Director of Events