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How To Declare

The Econ Major declaration process is online.  This information will help the  Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), Professor Kyle Bagwell, and your advisor.  The declaration process requires that you meet at least once with your advisor but, of course, you are encouraged to meet regularly and take advantage of the opportunity to develop a relationship with your advisor, who is a respected expert in the field of economics.

These are the steps to declare the Econ Major:

  • Complete Econ 50 with a grade of “B” or better or petition and receive approval from the DUS.

  • Complete the online Econ Major Declaration form and submit it to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Kyle Bagwell.

  • When the declaration form is submitted, you will be redirected to complete the online Proposed Program form. (Either form can be saved and completed at a later time.)

  • Professor Bagwell will send you an email with the name of your Econ advisor.

  • Make an appointment to meet with the advisor to go over your Proposed Program form and receive the advisor's signature.

  • Declare in Axess.

  • Bring the signed form to the Undergraduate Student Services Officer, Joanne DeMarchena, in the Econ Academic Office and she will approve your declaration on Axess.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You must declare by the end of the quarter prior to the quarter of your graduation. You may not declare during the summer quarter, last week of autumn or winter quarter or last two weeks of spring quarter.