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Preparing to Graduate

Are you ready to graduate?  Meet with the Undergraduate Student Services Officer at least one quarter before applying to graduate. We will go over your Econ requirements to make sure you are on track.  

The next step is to apply to graduate in Axess by the deadline. Each quarter has a different deadline for applying to graduate.

If you are graduating with a double major or major and minor, Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval eForm (available in the eForms portal in the Student tab in Axess) will need to be submitted by the final study list deadline of the quarter of intended graduation.

We want to pronounce your name correctly at the Econ Diploma Ceremony, please record your name and write it phonetically on NameCoach.

Stanford Commencement

In later months, the Commencement website will have Information about the University events during the week of Commencement 2024. 

If your degree is not being conferred in June 2024 – To be considered for active participation in the Commencement ceremonies, you must complete a Commencement Walkthrough Petition.

Economics Diploma Ceremony

The Department of Economics Diploma Ceremony takes place in front of Hoover Tower following the larger University Commencement Ceremony.  Our reception starts at 11:30 am and the diploma ceremony begins at 12:30 pm. Tickets are not required and there is plenty of seating for guests under the canopy, with areas reserved for guests in wheelchairs.   Graduates will be asked to take their seats at 12:15 pm and we will begin promptly at 12:30 pm.  The Economics Diploma Ceremony includes the hooding of our PhD students and awarding degrees to our undergraduate students. The ceremony typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.  If you have any questions regarding the ceremony please email econ-undergrad [at] (econ-undergrad[at]stanford[dot]edu).